MIDI control of caret

To try and keep my hands on the piano more than keyboard/mouse I tried using CC’s to control the caret, but it’s slow, glitchy or just doesn’t work. I have knobs on my keyboard outputting CC values.

Anybody else get MIDI to control the caret successfully? I’d like it to be as smooth as the keyboard arrow keys.

I don’t think this is particularly feasible at the moment, I’m afraid.

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You could put something like this on top of you controller keyboard


(Edit: My comment here is regarding the device pictured in wcreed’s comment.)

This is something I have looked into recently.
I love using the number pad for my durations and it would also be helpful to have the arrow keys right there as well!
(As a bonus, it has all those other keys, too, including PgUp/Dn Home/End and some extra F Keys!)

However! I looked around online a lot and the only versions of this device I could find were all Bluetooth* and some had reviews of double inputting or needing to double-press for one input—overall latency issues. Just something to consider, though I really enjoy the idea of using one of these in conjunction with a midi controller!

*There was one made by and for Apple, as well, but I don’t have an Apple computer so don’t remember if it was Bluetooth or wired.

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I have set Numpad 0 to ‘Advance caret’, so that it moves the caret forward by the currently selected note duration. It’s kind of like entering a rest of that value, which means I don’t have to move off the numpad quite so often.