MIDI Control of Cubasis

I use Cubasis for live performance. Does Cubasis recognize any MIDI control messages (CC, PC, or Note info)? If so, where can I find a summary of what it recognizes and responds to?

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Hi soundog,

Yes, you can record and edit MIDI CC’s and PC’s.
You can check the manual here:

Maybe I wasn’t clear, sorry. I mean remote MIDI control of Cubasis, not just recording MIDI info to pass to external devices. An obvious example would be sending a CC message to control the volume of a track. This is typical in a DAW such as Logic Pro or Cubase.

Why? I use Cubasis for live performance. It is awkward to use the iPad for control, but I have foot controllers and MIDI controllers with easily-accessed faders and knobs. I would like to be able to assign map controllers to Cubasis control.

Not possible?

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Hi soundog,

controller support is not a main focus at the moment since Cubasis explores the touchscreen as an interface.
Of course we have this request on our list and you are not the first one asking for it :wink:

All the best,


Thanks, Phil (and Carlos)… that makes perfect sense. BTW, I used Cubasis for my first live gig this weekend, and it performed without a hitch. I really appreciate the InterApp capabilities, and the ability to run everything in the background. Its pretty amazing how much processing I could squeeze out of an iPad 3.

+1 for controlling the app via a midi controller. The touch interface makes absolute sense on the go, but having the ability to connect to my mixer controls at the home studio setup. That would be amazing.

I’d love to be able to use my iRig Blueboard to control Cubasis for rapid draft sessions. For example, I’d assign to 4 foot buttons to start/stop, rewind, undo, and record! Hands free!

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Have there been no updates in this regard? I love how easily I can plug in my mpd32 and start jamming with some kits I’ve put together, but surprised that I can’t use the sliders to control the mixer. With an iPad and mpd I can literally replace my laptop for live performing, put using the touchscreen in this set up is not ideal. Looking up solutions this thread is still the first thing that shows up on google.

Glad you brought this topic up again because that makes at least two of us who are interested in the future of MIDI-controlling Cubasis in the iPad.

Could one of the Cubasis developers please give us an update on your thinking?

Add me too! Actually I wonder if there might be a large market opening for getting Cubasis creations directly onto stage using an iPad instead of a laptop?

NB At the moment I can do what I want in a Laptop DAW by defining named regions on tracks, and assigning MIDI to those regions (chorus, ending, solo’s etc) and launch / loop them with a foot pedal. It’s nice, but but staying with one app on an iPad not a laptop would be very appealing to me, especially as the Cubasis interface is so fantastically usable.

And Me ! Where I understand that touch may be the interface being focused on, it is actually quite fiddly using the mixer on an iPad Mini, having hardware control via MIDI would alleviate this. If MIDI is a definite no then perhaps a full screen portrait mode for the mixer which would allow longer faders.


Hi all,

The feature is on our list, but it might take some time until it becomes available.


Same request from me - using Midi CC to control switches like volume and so on is an absolutely must. Since today I own Cubasis - I was really shocked when I saw this is not supported yet - hopefully this will change soon. It would be also great to have the possibility to add patch scripts like its possible with cubase. Integration with my Korg Kronos is nearly perfect - but this missing features slow down my workflow of producing music with Cubasis.

And me - Just bought into this yesterday . I have an M-audio Oxygen 88 and want to make use of this mainly for Live performance. If at the moment it does not have midi 'Learn ’ capability (which I think should be on the roadmap ) is there a way of identifying midi so altering the midi controller to send the correct cc into Cubasis ?

Even if all I could do was assign volume sliders to different tracks it would help massively for live performance …

Any thoughts on whats possible now ? and how long before we get proper midi learn capability .

Ps - it is an awesome app - just looking to make it even better …

I was driving with my PC and now using an ipad air - with cubasis, igrand , sampletank etc - so so so much better

Hi neilcw303,

Thanks for the update.
The feature is on our list but will still take some time to make it in the version.


Add me too, very important feature

Add me to the list of wanting this feature. I just bought the app and just assumed from how powerful it was I assumed it would have this feature. I was extremely disappointed it isn’t a part of the app.

Welllll … here I am again after making my original post nearly two years ago.

Still no MIDI control of Cubasis? All I need to be able to do is use CC#s to mix track (or instrument) volumes!

Bitte schön???

Hi soundog,

We hear you … :slight_smile:

Cubasis gets constantly updated with new features and we try to fulfil user requests best possible.
As stated earlier, MIDI Control is on our list but we’re not able to provide a release date for it as of yet.


Thanks, thats reassuring. Its just been such a long wait!

Cubasis is the best iOS DAW on the market.

MIDI control support would open up a new realm of possibilities and applications.