MIDI Control of Cubasis

I would also love the ability to control some of the functions of Cubasis 2 with my Korg nanoKontrol studio. If only the transport, faders and pan options. The touch screen is great when out and about, but at home some sort of control surface seems to me the obvious next step to making a great app an even better one. Some have said the making Cubasis too close to Cubase might not be in Steinbergs interest. I have no intention of adding a desktop system to my music making, and I am sure a lot of other users feel the same.

Here to cast my vote for controlling track parameters and transport control via MIDI, it would help me so much when trying to use Cubasis with multiple apps and devices. Hope steinberg is listening :slight_smile:

+1 as I’m really loving Cubasis 2 but would really appreciate this feature (and insert/send effect presets!) Cheers

+1 Me too!!! I have a Korg Nanokontrol Studio (Wireless) and would love to implement it to Cubasis. The Nanokontrol even has a preset for Cubase.
It has been years since the request was made. Is anybody listening???
It works with Auria, but come on Steinberg…

Yes, we hear you and the feature request is included in our backlog…


Here I sit, almost 3 years later, waiting patiently for MIDI control of Cubasis. My beard and hair are now gray and long, and I’ve forgotten how the sun feels on my face.

In my journal scratched upon this desk, I add the status up-dates from Steinberg. They give me the hope to carry on:

Jun 30, 2014: “we have this request on our list and you are not the first one asking for it”

Jan 6, 2016: “The feature is on our list, but it might take some time until it becomes available.”

May 2, 2016: “MIDI Control is on our list but we’re not able to provide a release date for it as of yet.”
Feb 13, 2017: “We hear you and the feature request is included in our backlog.”

Outside I hear a bird singing as he greets a new day.

Well I just purchased pro version of cubasis and have figured out how to create a midi file to control my onsong app on auto pilot which is awesome. I have a looptimus pedal which I had high hopes I could control cubasis with. After landing hear I have read that people have been waiting on this feature for over 2 years not good :frowning: Anyway not unless that has been added since the last thread here and Im overlooking how to activate that in cubasis. Anyway, I may have to go with a different app if not any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

+1 for Midi control of Cubasis. I’ve connected a drum machine to Cubasis, and would like to trigger the ‘start’ of the recording to the first drum beat/sequence. I’ve also got an iRig Blueboard that would be swell to send control messages to Cubasis with, for live performance control. Still hoping!

MIDI Learn would be awesome.

I co-sign all of this!

That Guy Smitty

Just a bump to see if we have got anywhere

+1 Remote MIDI support for various DAW elements. Transport controls. Track M/S/Arm/Volume, etc…

Hi damir65,

Since Yamaha uses a specific format to stream audio between the devices, direct support with Cubasis is not given as of yet.

Some time ago we’ve had a similar topic, please find it here:


Want to spark this post again. I’ve looked through multiple post’s on this topic and they’ve gone on for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love your product but not having midi learn really hinders the ability of live performances and the ease of use of the software. I have not been a cubasis user for long but I do know that this would make a huge improvement for the app. I’m not a very technical person so please excuse my ignorance but I’m sure I wouldn’t take so long to program this.
You’re a great company so you should know to please the customers and clearly this is something a lot of us want.
I can’t speak for everyone but I’d definitely be willing to pay for an add on for the app to get the midi learn features.
Thank you.


The feature is on our list, but might still need some time, until being released.


Hello all, I’m just curious where we are with this too… maybe in 2.7??

my bet is as soon as hell freezes over…
all they add is candy of some sort but no real meat (no Link, broken sync, no MIDI control).

I am surprised. Or Shocked…
Bought my first iPad this very week and in one general purpose.
Music, DAW, recording and for soft synths like the Microlouge.
First, i have spent very little time over the years and is not familiar with nor english language or MIDI or Cubase in general.
I am from the PC side of Cubase since the 90ies and one thing that always (?) worked is MIDI Learn so one has the posibility to adjust parameters like for exemple ”cut off frequency” from the MIDI keyboard ?

Is not that working in Cubasis ? :open_mouth:

Hello all!
-Is there a midi multitrack editing feature on cubasis 2?
I can’t select more than one track at the same time…
I actually bought it because I thought it would have this feature.

Many thanks in advance

Hey LSlowak,

After so many years it’s hard to believe that this feature is just a matter of time!
Can you please give us an honest answer why this request is taking so long?

Best regards!