MIDI Control of Cubasis

does somebody know to which MIDI notes the DRUM Machines of Cubasis are responding to ? Because the way these samples are responding is a bit strange.The mapping of my MIDI controller’s pads (Arturia BSP) is “classic”, it goes from C1 to D#2 (36 to 51). First, the samples of the drum Machines are not arranged “in order”, I mean MIDI 36 plays the kick, the on 37 you jump to the Crash, then the clap, then a tom, and so on. Which is not dramatic, but not handy at all since you can remap them and there’s no MIDI learn. But more annoying, even if my mapping is classic, I can only play a maximum of 10 samples, among the 12 in these Drum Machines (in fact 24, since the samples of the alternative version of the machines can be played with Cubasis keyboard or edited in the midi editor). So I don’t mind mapping my BeatStep Pro differently, but guessing the MIDI note of the samples I can’t trigger might be a real pain…

I would also like to give my vote for prioritising midi controls for the app. I am a recent owner of Cubasis 3, but since this is already an extensive thread on the issue, I thought it better to write here.

It is very cumbersome to have to start recording, mute tracks, adjust volumes etc with the touchscreen, when all these controls are easily accessible from my midi controller. Even though I have the 12.9 inch iPad, screen real estate is still very valuable, when using DAWs and midi control would allow the mixer to be closed and I could still easily adjust volumes while having the maximum screen space for tracks.

Other then that, I think it is a very nice DAW for the iPad, but this basic functionality included in almost all other music production apps I own, is really bringing the experience down as a whole.