Midi control of stereo combined panner cubase 12 pro

I’m trying to setup a midi controller to pan the position of the panner in stereo combined mode but everytime I select the pan control it only picks up one half of the pan Left-Right as if it were in standard balance mode so it just changes the width of the combined pan instead of panning the whole combined area. I can’t seem to find any function that does the moving of the selected area, any ideas as to how you can do this please?

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How do you try to do this, please?

Unfortunately MIDI Remote can’t do this (so far, I hope). If you would go for the GenericRemote device, then the 2nd panner is the PanLR2.

Yeah, you have to automate each side independently. Although if the Track has Automation Write Enabled you can in the MixConsole drag the Panner Control in the middle & it will move both sides - which makes it easier to find the two parameters for further editing.

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