MIDI Control on midi tracks

Hello. I have an extensive template and I want to add a Midi Control plug in to each midi track with the same information on each (I used to use a little midi block at the front of each track with a setting for volume, expression, mod, pan, etc). Is it possible just to save this insert setting and copy it to each track. When I save the track as a track preset it obviously copies all the routing info to any midi track I paste it to which is not helpful. Maybe it’s not possible? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

In the Mix Console, just hold down CTRL and drag the insert (with the settings you want already set) to the other tracks, one at a time, this will create copies.
OR: (also in Mix Console) select all the tracks and use your Q-Link key mod (mine’s shift+ctrl) to load the plugin on all the inserted tracks. Then right-click and link all the tracks. Choose to link Inserts. Then load your preset (or manually set the parameters) in one instance. All the inserts will change in kind.
Sounds like a lot, but it’s actually pretty fast.