midi control panel plays but won't record automation

Hi Folks,

I created a midi control panel with knobs for an external instrument (moog minitaur), which works great except for one issue.
If I draw automation on the automation lane for a knob (for example filter cutoff), the moog filter reacts, and the created control panel knob moves, following the automation curve.
But if I set write automation on and use the control panel knob I created, nothing happens.
The sound from the moog changes, but no automation is drawn.
Other mixer controls automate just fine.

Should I be able to automate using the control panel I created, or am I limited to drawing in automation for an external instrument?

thanks !

One would think this should work both ways. Did you find the answer to your question? I’m sure this came up in other posts regarding custom midi control panels.

BTW, is there anyway you could share that control panel? I just bought my Moog Minitaur. :smiley:

Also, do you know if we can store presets for the midi control panel and if loading them works with the external instrument?

I have a similar problem which I’d be glad to find a solution to.

I have a midi keyboard which I defined its knobs to control a synth instrument via midi signals.
I would like to be able to ‘write’ automation using the knobs. I was sure it is simple as that, as the knobs on the instrument respond accordingly to the movement when I’m rotating the physical knob on my keyboard.

When I’m activating the R/W buttons, pressing play and rotating the knob, nothing is being drawn in the apropriate lane.

I know it is possible to record mmc values to the midi clip but it doesn’t work as fluently as it does in automations.

Is that a limitation in Cubase? Is it possible to write automations with a midi controller?
Is there something that I haven’t defined properly?

Thanks! :neutral_face: