midi controler for the output bus


I have a new icontrols pro controller just for today.
In mackie control mode all is working, it’s amazing.
Without the output bus in the mixdesk of cubase (at the rightest of the console) how can we assign control
to these tracks ? is it possible with the mackie control mode by default or have I to define it in a generic device ?

Like on picture I can’t shift/access with the controller to the second part of the mixdesk of cubase with ‘Bank’ or ‘Track’ on the icontrols pro.


Ok I know now to inform those who are interrested, we can just assign MASTER bus by the 9th fader on icontrols pro else you must use a generic midi device in cubase to program the other bus. But it’s not necessary because you can adress the buses by group tracks for example and group tracks are available on icontrol spro by default in ‘mackie control’ mode.