MIDI controler

I have a M-Audio oxygen49 midi controller and it can play the vst instruments fine but apart from the pitch bend, modulation wheels and the pads nothing else seems to do anything. I can see the midi meter registering but with no effect. Should I be able to control things like start stop record etc?

what does the oxygen49 documentation say about this?

And: What exactly have you done so far - how is the device connected. Have you set up any remote control in Studio Setup? Are you aware of the basic underlying concepts in cubase?

1 Minute “research” with google - the result: https://m-audio.com/kb/article/1718

Sometimes I wonder what you guy’s problem solving strategy is…

Good luck.

you need to connect quick controls with you MIDI controller rotaries or buttons. Also you need to check out what is generic remote and what it does. Cubase doesn’t provide mappings for modern cheap MIDI controllers. You need set up everything by yourself.

There you can map what MIDI button does.