MIDI-controling MixConsole(s) by Behringer DDX3216 - Possible or not?

Hello Cubase Users :slight_smile:

I hope someone would be smarter than I am and kindly “translate” for me the infos I got about my “new” gear - the Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer…
I’m trying to employ it"s 16 motorised faders to control C10 MixConsole’s channels during mixing (with DDX being hooked up by MIDI-In and Out of the audio interface).
Since I started to configure this setup, I have checked 2 things: “MIDI In” control light in Transport Panel DOES show activity when the faders on Behringer are moved, but “MIDI-Learn” on Track Quick Controls doesn’t register those moves, nor none of the tracks are reacting to them…

I got 3 resources to “rely on”, but none of them is quite clear to my level of MIDI-un-proficiency, and none -of course- has Cubase-user as a target .

First resource is certainly Behringer’s Manual
which states:
"The DDX3216 uses the MIDI interface to control recorders and
MIDI sequencing software by means of MIDI machine control
commands, and to receive program changes for automatic
snapshot loading. What is more, the DDX3216 allows you to
transmit and receive MIDI timecode (MTC), MIDI controller and
MIDI sys-ex data, for example, to record and automate fader
movements or mutes with the help of a MIDI sequencing software.
Most of the controls and switches on your DDX3216 can be
remotely controlled from MIDI controllers. Additionally, you can
transmit the movements of controls and switches via MIDI
controllers, for example, to operate external MIDI devices from
the DDX3216. A list of all MIDI controllers transmitted and received
by the DDX3216 can be found in chapter 18.2 “MIDI control

My another resource was SoundOnSound review:
“The DDX3216 can output MIDI Machine Control (MMC) data to control hardware recorders or sequencers and it can use external MIDI Program Change messages to switch snapshots. It’s also possible to record and replay fader movements and mutes over MIDI and to use the DDX3216 to control software devices, such as sequencer mixers, using MIDI Continuous Controller data — note, however, that some remappng will probably be required at the sequencer end, as Controllers 1 to 32 relate to channel volume levels 1 to 32. The DDX3216’s own automation data is sent and received as SysEx”

And then there is this one on emusician:
“In addition to sending and receiving MIDI Time Code, the DDX3216 can transmit its automation moves as continuous controllers that can be recorded to an external sequencer. Snapshots of the state of the device can be switched with program changes, and other settings such as EQ and dynamics can also be recalled. Unfortunately, there’s no MIDI fader layer to allow remote control of external devices (such as digital-audio-workstation onscreen mixers); however, the DDX3216’s transport buttons can control other devices using MIDI Machine Control”

What level should I “hit” Cubase’s setup (MIDI Devices? Generic Control??) to establish this functionality?

Thanx in advance for Your support :wink:

I’ve been trying to work this out myself as well.

A guy posted a ZIP file here and said he got it working (with Nuendo, mind you), but I couldn’t. :frowning:


For what it’s worth, I’m running Win10 and Cubase Artist 9.5, DDX hooked up to Scarlett 18i20 via MIDI In/Out.

Hey guys,
I don’t know if you are still interested. But there have been a long time ago two files for Cubase on the DDX3216 homepage. Somehow they removed the files. Don’t know if they still work with the latest versions of Cubase. But there are readme-files included. Unfortunately as a new user I cannot upload them or post an external link. So send me a message if you are interested.