Midi controller akia LPD8 and program change

hey out there, i bought a akia pro LPD8 and it has a button “program change”. I readed the manuel, and it sayed i can change programs in my DAW.
Now i was wondering, what does “program change” means in cubase and what can i do with it? Which programs does it mean?
Thanks for answers


Program Change is just a MIDI message, same as another MIDI message, in fact. This message is very often used (and it’s meant to be used) for changing the sound (patch/program). You have to define to witch Program, do you want to change.

It makes sense more for hardware synths, where you can change the sound by using the Program Change. But to be honest, on todays synths, it’s not enough. Very often, you need the Program Change, Bank Select MSB (CC00) and Bank Select LSB (CC32), to get the complete information for loading the correct sound.

Some software also support changing the sound via Program Change message, but it’s rather rear. HALion Sonic SE can do this in GM mode, but you are not able to load any sound like this. In HALion Sonic 2, you can define your own map of sounds, then it makes more sense.

But as I said, in general, it’s not used very often.

Give it a try!

Just have it going to a VSTi or hardware synth and try.

Whatever bank it’s on it should change the voices.