MIDI Controller CC to Padshop Parameter Automation

I am scratching my head trying to figure out how to automate Padshop controls / parameters from my MIDI Controller (AKAI MPK25) in the same way they can be automated via moving them with the mouse on screen.

I have tried (nearly everything) but to no avail. For instance, I have used midi learn to map various Padshop controls to Knobs on the MPK25; however, that results in the CC message automation being displayed in the Instrument Track’s automation lanes (as opposed to the corresponding Padshop controls being displayed). So, for example, say I “Midi Learn” Layer A Filter Cutoff, then write enable the Instrument Track, the CC changes mapped to Layer A Filter Cutoff are displayed in the automation lane, however they are displayed as the CC message and NOT the Layer A Filter Cutoff automation track. This is nearly useless as I then have to make a mental (or physical) not of the CC to Padshop mappings when I edit the automation in that lane. Furthermore, the CC automation is technically independent of the actual Layer A Filter Cutoff automation as if I add that automation track it operates independent of the CC automation, in fact, it takes precedence over it.

To be clear, Quick Controls are not a viable option as I need to automate many parameters (not just eight VST QCs). Also, this is not an issue of needing to extract automation from a midi part (as CC’s are configured to write to automation not parts).

So, to summarize, all I would like to accomplish is the ability to map VST Instrument controls / parameters to physical Midi Controller Knobs and have the changes displayed as the actual Padshop parameters in the Instruments Tracks automation lanes (again, exactly the same as would be done if I were to automate the parameters via the mouse).

As powerful as Cubase’s MIDI Capabilities are, I have to imagine I am missing something and that this should be dead simple to accomplish, however, the solution has alluded me this far.

Thanks in advance as any help would be greatly appreciated here.

Just as an update, I’ve been able to accomplish what I’ve outlined above by means of creating a Generic Remote to Map Controller CC Messages to specific Padshop automation parameters. While this does indeed require a bit more setup work, I do see the value in it’s flexibility. That being said, I am wondering if there is a way to disable the Generic Remote when the Padshop Instrument Track is not selected, as, otherwise the CC Messages are always being read and if I accidentally have the tracks automation write enabled, the changes will be persisted. Anyone have any ideas as to how this limitation can be overcome?