Midi controller configuration is not working in cubase

Hello All, recently i have purchased Korg nanokontrol2…and I have configured the first 3 faders for the cc control i.e. cc1,cc11 and cc21. But some how when i am opening Cubase 12…the configuration that I have made is getting to its default configuration…Please help me to solve the problem.

Have you checked that you don’t have two versions of the controller and it’s defaulting to the other (original) one?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

MIDI Remote in Cubase sends SysEx, which overwrites the user settings and set it to the default. This is to make sure Nanokontrol is compatible with MIDI Remote (it sends the expected MIDI Messages).

Once you Quit Cubase, your original custom settings comes back on Nanokontrol.

Not yet…Korg nanokontrol 2 is very first one, that I am using , which I have purchased recently…though i am using Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S.

Thank you Martin…but what is the solution?


If you don’t use Nanokontrol as MIDI Remote, disable the script in Cubase, please.