MIDI controller for the HALion series "Sphere"

Has anyone seen a MIDI controller for the “sphere” on the HALion series instruments?
I am picturing a USB MIDI controller that is either a ball or joystick, spring loaded to center.
I have done some searching and found the “AlphaSphere” and the Naonext “Crystal Ball” but I am thinking of something more basic. Just a X/Y controller that is assignable to MIDI CC controllers (USB or MIDI would work). I already have a keyboard I am happy with so I don’t really want an entire keyboard (I know some come with an X/Y joystick type controller).
Any recommendations?
EDIT: I guess even a square touchpad could work as long as it can send MIDI CCs. Is it possible to use one of the Bamboo or Logitech touchpads and somehow convert to MIDI CC’s on the X and Y axes?

I think it would be a great addition to the CMC controllers if there was one with a sphere, joystick, or touchpad controller.

EDIT: Some more searching uncovered the Korg NanoPad2 and the option of using a tablet or phone with TouchDAW. It even appears (I haven’t tried it yet) that the free version of TouchDAW will do the XY pad controller.

I too am looking to do something like this. I have a AKAI MPK MIni with a joystick of which I can assign CC’s but have no idea how what CC the sphere is for HALion.