Midi controller freezes when hitting the play button


Again, thank you for your fine work at Steinberg. Cubasis is just fantastic!

I’m running iOS 11 on an Air 1 with the latest version of Cubasis.

I was having the same problem as this friend here:

I use my M-Audio Oxygen 25 Mk2 to play instruments with no problems but as soon as I hit Play or Record the keyboard “freezes” and shows up the number 1 on the display.

As suggested on the aforementioned topic a fresh Cubasis install solved the problem but now the problem is back even if no Cubasis updates were made.

This only happens with Cubasis. I use a genuine Apple adapter and all other Apps work fine.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi RobertFernandes,

Thanks for your message.

Please make a short a clip that shows all steps to reproduce the problem.
Afterwards I will share this information with our engineering and friends at M-Audio.

Please upload the video via WeTransfer or Dropbox and provide me with the download link via private message.

Thanks for your help!