I’m a new Cubase Artist 10 user, and recently bought an Arturia Keylab 49 to help me with the mixing and monitoring side of things. However, its been problem after problem. I’m gonna try and chunk them through the thread so we can solve in small steps. My initial objectives are:

  1. To get Cubase to recognise a signal from the controller
    2.To play the VSTs in Cubase using the controller ( I can play them with the mouse) and;
    3.To be able to assign faders to VST parameters using the L function in Cubase.

So, here’s what I’ve done so far in Arturia:

  1. In Arturia Midi Centre, I have set up the device as follows:
    MIDI Channel: 1
    DAW Mode: HUI
    DAW Fader Mode: Jump
    Keys Velocity Curve: Lin
    Pads Velocity Curve: Lin
  2. All keys and pads are mapped as default.
    3.This setting has been copied from the Daw Preset.

In Cubase:

To be honest, in Studio setup, I have spent days toggling between Generic Remote and Mackie HUI, maybe I’ve set too many profiles. I noticed that after deleting the Generic Remote and then loading it back up again, it reappears with the same old settings. I mention this in case there is a cache somewhere that I’ve overloaded with too many versions of Generic Remote and Mackie HUI.

Anyways, in Cubase Studio Setup, I have selected:

  1. MIDI Port Setup IN-> MIDIIN2 ( Arturia …) Visible but NOT in all MIDI
    OUT->MIDIOUT2 ( Arturia…) Visible and inactive
  2. Remote Devices: Mackie HUI
    MIDI INPUT: MIDIIN2 ( Arturia …)
    MIDI OUTPUT: Not Connected


  1. No MIDI signal coming through from the unit
  2. From reviewing the Cubase MIDI Activity Monitor visual on the bottom left of my screen, I used to see a lot of back and forth between Cubase and the unit, but that’s when MIDI Output in the HUI interface was set to MIDIOUT2 ( Arturia…) Visible and inactive. What and why is that?
  3. No incoming signal from unit (it worked for a bit over the weekend, so I know its not a faulty unit)
  4. Cant play VSTs using the unit ( part 2) :smiley: )
  5. Quick actions just aren’t working. ( part3 :slight_smile: )

All help with be much appreciated -I’m not really a techy person, and I prefer to spend time composing, so this has been both under- and overwhelming for me ( A whole weekend gone) :astonished:


Use the Mackie Control, not HUI.
Go here for full solution.

I follow these exact instructions but cannot get any of the controllers apart from the keyboard itself, working. Using Arturia kelab61 with Cubase 10.5 Elements on Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated. It works fine with Cubase 7 elements on the same machine.

@djcbdavjul do you solved the problem? i bought also the Arturia KeyLab mk2 i tried everything but noway im about to send it back

Can you try to export your user profile from cubase elements to cubase pro? maybe it will put the right rules

Hi, this looks interesting - I had actually given up on the issue, and just came back here with another one, and saw your response. So, what do you mean by export my user profile? You mean on this forum? Kindly elaborate a little bit more, I really appreciate your support.

Hi, So…Got in touch with Cubase this morning, because the issue showed up again. This is the solution I got, and it worked:

Please initialise the program preferences by performing these steps:

- Close all programs.
- Open the ‘Run’ command prompt by pressing the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.
- In the command line of the ‘Run’ window, enter this path: %appdata%/Steinberg
- Locate the folder which is named the same as your Steinberg program, for example 'Cubase 11_64’.
- Rename it (for example to "x_Cubase 11_64”) in order to hide it.
- Important: If you find folders of previous program versions, make sure to hide or remove them too.

Next time you start the program, a new folder with fresh preferences and default settings will be created - which hopefully fixes the problem you’ve experienced.

Preferences that you have grown accustomed to and that have taken a lot of time to configure - the key commands (Key Commands.xml) for instance - can be copied from the inactive folder to the newly created active preferences folder at a later point.

More details on the preferences can be found here: Preferences of Cubase and Nuendo – Steinberg Support