Midi controller input velocity

I just got a Nord Drum 3p (analog drum pad + midi). Very nice :slight_smile:

I have it set to highest sensitivity etc. and that works fine when using it with internal sounds and audio output.

But when using it to trigger plugin instruments via midi in Cubase, the velocity is very low.
How could I set Cubase up to have a higher velocity, only for this midi-input device?

EDIT: I see that Input Transformer can be used for this.
I tried it shortly, but have no idea what I’m doing or how it works.

Thank you

Try the Velocity Shift function in the Inspector. This can shift the velocity values either up or down in real time.

I tried this. And it “works” but it’s adjusting what’s being heard from the track, and visually the levels are still low in the editor.
I would like the velocity levels to be raised (from that instrument), before hitting the track and the note editor / piano roll.
So I guess I should learn to use the Input Transformer

Yeah probably best to use the Input Transformer then.