Midi Controller Keyboard and Nuendo

Dear all,
I am new to this forum.
I have been using Nuendo for a number of years. My problem is this:
I’ve never been able to get a midi controller keybaord to work with nuendo.
I have Cubase 10 and LogicX and it works fine in those DAWS.

I’m working on a Mac. OS 10.14.5
Nuendo 10
Cubase 10 (keyboard works)
Logic X (Keyboard works)

Is Nuendo actually designed to work with a midi controller, or is that the realm of Cubase only?

I compose music in Logic mainly and mix sound in Nuendo. Cubase was a recent addition to try it out. (It’s pretty great!)

Thanks in advance (Apologies if this has been covered in other threads, I could fnd them with a search function)

Ben R Sound

Hi Ben,

the following applies to Windows platforms, not for MacOS. But I would assume, it should be OK for both. And this is:

After having activated my Nuendo 10 trial yesterday, I can say, that it works for midi controllers in the same way as for Cubase 10 (… on Windows 7).

Some background: During the last couple of weeks, I did quite some indepth work to get a (modified) Yamaha 01x connected via midi-port. I connected it as Mackie Control and alternatively also as Generic Remote with a custom mapping of controls. Yes, I know, the 01x is old stuff. But I got for free and it is really nice - for me.)

On top goes, that I utilized Midi-Ox software (midi translator) together with virtual midi ports, to modify some midi messages to better match the needs of Cubase. Especially the use of the motor faders (need 14-bit resolution), the rotary knobs (need to send incremental values) and the scrub wheel required some modifications/translations to get it to work. All the other buttons worked out of the box (mostly NoteOn/NoteOff messages).

Just yesterday, I installed a Nuendo 10 trial and quickly mapped the controller functionality as it was in Cubase. So far, I have not seen a problem in getting this transferred 1:1. Motor faders and rotary knobs work the same in Nuendo 10 as in Cubase 10.

Thanks for the information. I’ll continue to try different ways to get it to work. If no joy I’ll issue a formal support request.

All the best!


I switched over from Cubase to Nuendo a few months ago and all of my midi controllers behave exactly the same as they did in Cubase including my Axiom midi keyboard. Assuming you are seeing the device show up in Studio -> Studio setup -> Midi Port Setup and it’s active, I don’t think there should be any issue getting it to work.