Midi Controller Keyboard not working with Cubase

I’m using Cubase 6.5.5 on an iMac with OS 10.13.6 and playing VSL instruments on a PC slave. I’ve been away from my digital music for about 4 months; everything was working fine before that. Now that I’m back the midi controller keyboard will not record in cubase and I can’t play the VSL sounds from the keyboard. When I open a Key Editor window for a track and play the controller keyboard, I see the notes on the left side of the Editor window lighting up - which tell me that Cubase is receiving midi input. BUT it is not using it to playback sounds or reading midi to record.

The controller keyboard works fine with both Notion and Garage Band, but not Cubase.

I’m aware there have been two MacOS updates while I was a away. Has this affected functionality? Do I need to upgrade to Cubase 9 for full functionality? I also started using CleanMyMac 3 since starting back with Cubase; I have read that that kind of program might affect functionality in some programs.

Help please! - Jim

Hi and welcome,

Myself, I would guess the CleanMyMac deleted something, it shouldn’t. Maybe try to Reset Cubase preferences or reinstall Cubase.