MIDI Controller Lane editing problem

When editing MIDI controller events in the MIDI Controller Lane, I have a problem.
When MIDI events overlap, their controller bars overlap too. Like in the image - three events, but only one bar visible:
MIDI Controller Lane.png
I qoute from the Cubase 8.5 manual:
“If there is more than one note at the same position, their velocity bars overlap on the controller lane. If none of the notes are selected, all notes at the same position are set to the same velocity value when you draw.
To edit the velocity of only one of the notes at the same position, first select the note in the note display”.

There seems to be no difference, whether I select the note or not. I can’t isolate a controller bar from other bars, when they are overlapping.

Isn’t there an easy way to quickly select the correct controller bar for one of the three events?

Are you sure it’s not working? What happens when you select note 1, modify the velocity, then select note 2?

When I have notes in the same position and only want to change the velocity of one, I’ll select that note and drag the velocity value on the Info Line instead of the Controller Lane.

Thank you, Raino, that does the trick. A good solution.

Steve, you can of course adjust the velocity of each note, if you can grab the relevant bar with the pencil, but the bars are difficult to separate with the pencil.

Use the pencil tool, select the note(s) and only selected notes can be edited. No need for a workaround.

Yes, Steve, you can do that with success many times (maybe even most of the times), but many times too, it is still difficult to separate the bars. And your statement “only selected notes can be edited” doesn’t work in my Cubase. I can, as a matter of fact, edit other notes, than the selected note(s).

It always works correctly here in C8.5 and 9. If it doesn’t work, ever, that would mean something was wrong, so all I can do is ask if you are doing it the same way each time.

I’m sorry, Steve, but I’ve just tested again. The screenshot shows the situation:
MIDI Controller.png
As you can see, the top note D4 is selected. When I go to the MIDI Controller Lane, and click with the pencil (and the controller “Velocity” selected), the bottom note G3, is the one, that is adjusted.

I have this issue too and it’s probably just plain incompetence on my part. The info line trick is the way forward for me!

That’s not what happens here - works exactly like Steve described.

In referring to the pencil tool, I mean explicitly selecting the pencil from the tool bar. The alt/opt-click tool has a different behavior.

All right - I’ve tested it again.
I selected the pen from tool bar, and also tried selecting by right-clicking.
Both ways give the same behaviour: It does not necessarily move the selected note, as it should.
And though this behaviour is not intended, it does make sense in relation to my former posts. It would be strange, if the automatically selected pencil tool (when moving cursor to the MIDI Controller Lane) had a different behavior, than when I select it from the tool bar.

Dosn’t anyone experience the same?

I’m witnessing the same issue, and therefore using the info line instead (Thanks raino.)

I’m experiencing the same. info line trick works, but unfortunately when I want to adjust velocities on the fly on the lane it moves whichever it sees fit, even if the note I selected is highlighted along with its velocity, clicking on the lane moves whichever note but not the one I selected. Is there any way to modify the appearance, spacing and width of the velocity lane display of the notes? :vulcan_salute: Thanks everyone.

I just found another cool workaround. If you press Ctrl+Shift+Click on the note (directly on the editor) you can change velocity by moving the mouse. This might come in handy for someone who has the ctrl and shift keys mapped to extra buttons on my mouse. Peace! :metal: