MIDI Controller Lane "Not enough space for controller lane"

I think I’ve spotted an issue with this. Either way, this is an absolutely maddening new thing that C9 does. It makes an already arduous editing process even MORE arduous. To replicate the issue (on windows):

  1. Create MIDI track and enter some MIDI notage. Or select an existing one that contains MIDI events.
  2. Open the “Edit-In-Place” function, so MIDI information is editable right within the DAW (not a separate editor).
  3. With Edit-In-Place open, Condense the track until the Velocity controller lane disappears. (and why it has to disappear at all is beyond me, C8.5 simply condensed the lane alone with the track. Why can’t we have it back like that??)
  4. And after the controller lane disappears, hover mouse over spot where the dialog “Controller Lane Setup” will appear, and right-click.
  5. Select “Create Controller Lane”
  6. “Not Enough Space For Controller Lane” message will appear.
  7. UNCONDENSE the track (widen) and go back to step 4. The message will recur, no matter how wide you make it.

This has GOT to be a glitch, if not, it’s the worst development in Cubase history, second only MAYBE to when DX plug support was ixnay’d in C4 without warning.