MIDI Controller Mapping Question

Hi, I just got myself a new AKAI MPD 226, which has 4 faders and 4 endless rotaries. I am trying to set it up in cubase in some sort of meaningful way, and the relatively buggy device manager/remote devices tab is not helping…
Is it for example possible to have the endless rotary set to control the volume fader in a “relative” way? So when i have a track selected and turn the knob, then move to another track and turn it again, the fader wont jump to the position i last left the previous fader selected in? I have tried the “pick-up” mode, which kinda works, but since there is no way of telling where the knob is, i cannot know which way to turn it to “pick-up” the fader…
So, im looking for a way that the current selected track will always start to move from the position it is in, with out having to pick it up.

Hope this was not to badly explained!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

by definition an “endless rotary” has no defined values. it either increments or decrments so there is no way to “read” where its at until its “relative” to some value which requires an increment or decrement value sent from the knob when turned. in short… i dont think so.

i hope my explanation is understandable too :wink:

I have the Akai Advance 49 and struggled to learn how the Generic Remote works. Over on the Akai website there’s a good article on using the Advance keyboard with the Generic Editor in Cubase. Hunt that down and you’ll start to get it working.

The Quick Controls are, I think, what you’re looking for. You can easily assign your keyboard’s physical sliders and faders to functions within Cubase and when you go from one track to another, the quick controls can adjust lots of the basic functions, volume, pan, mute, and lots of other things.

The Quick Controls are awesome and flexible. Once you have your keyboard talking to Cubase, you’ll be able to go to instrument or audio track, put the controls into learn mode, pick a slot, move an item on the instrument or in the track and it’s immediately assigned to the control.

I don’t know your instrument, but the Akai tech support generally very helpful and will be able to get you up and running. Once you have it working, you’ll love how you can automate so many things in your Cubase tracks. I myself am still a new Cubase user, but love how the automation works. It took me a little time to understand enough to get the basic functions working, but now they are.

Good luck. I’m sure you’ll get it working soon.

Yeah I have recently set mine up and this is basically the downside of using a controller that is not motorized. Nothing we can do