MIDI controller not sending messages to Cubase

I have Cubase 5 and recently purchased an M-Audio Oxygen 49 (blue) MIDI Controller. Basically I am trying to trigger superior drummer 2.0 sounds with the controller but it is not working. I’ve already gone into device setup and clicked the + sign and have selected the controller as a MIDI input for the program, which is what it said to do on the M-Audio website…still nothing.

This is becoming extremely frustrating, all I am trying to do is trigger a few sounds it seems simple enough. Can someone please help?

Device setup is for remote controll Devices, not for triggering instruments.
Select the correct MIDI port as input for the MIDI track that triggers Superior drumme, make sure you have no MIDI filters set, and MIDI thru is active.

If you click on the drums with your mouse in the Superior Drummer GUI do you hear sound?

Is your keyboard registering any MIDI activity at all?

Do you have your track’s monitor button enabled?