midi controller on the tempo fader

In Cubase 7, we can now assign a midi controller on the tempo fader in the tempo editor? The mouse has its limits …

Not yet. The Tempo control is still missing.

Thank you Martin. Sometimes, I do not understand Steinberg. The base is there. It would be a great tool. I’ll put this idea in the Feature Requests and Suggestions.

This was in Cubase 6.5 and older. For some reason (I don’t know the reason), this function is not in Cubase 7.

Some features disappears in newer versions. :-/

I am surprised, look:


This is crazy. I used to use pitch bend to introduce and control a ritenuto while playing live, back in the 90’s while using Notator 3.1. And you mean I can’t do it with Cubase 8.5 Pro in 2016? Isn’t that awkward?

After a long search I ended up here. And it looks like Steinberg still hasn’t fixed this bug in Cubase 10 in 2020 … :blush: