Midi controller once worked...

Now it does not. I am seeing midi in activity (none for out) in the transport panel, I have all midi inputs in the inst chan routing, the chan does not show any signal activity.

Midi Dev Man has xg device (my controller is the Origin 25 Badaax usb connected, not listed) ‘installed’ for what thats worth, output is MS Wave Table.

I’ve tried all combos and can’t get a sound from the inst chan.

Device setup>Midi Port Setup shows Origin25 and Tascam 366midi in “All Midi”

I never had this problem with CB5 and my Tascam 122, and I did have it working in CB6 yesterday, but now it simply does not work.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?


Aloha J,

A shot in the dark here but
is the ‘Monitor’ button (in the mixer) activated?

Thanks, yeah no monitor issue, it was in the preferences, midi controller muted or deactivated or something… all working now!