Midi controller problems

I use cubase LE6, and I also have an m-audio keyrig 49 midi keyboard controller. When I try to play some halion instruments through it they sound fine, but when I record them with the controller and play it back the notes are lagged or “choppy.” I’ve tried a few things I’ve found in the help documents so far but none have worked. I’ve tried going into the devices set up and changing the bits to data transfer only, I’ve tried turning the buffer up and down, ive tried turning midi thru on and off and etc, etc,… Any suggestions are appreciated and helpfull.
The key controller is not run through an interface, it only has a usb out going straight to my computer, aaaany suggestions at all will help. Thanks.

Windows or Mac?

If Windows, try “Use System Timestamp” option … or read all about it here: