MIDI controller recommendation for C6?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place

but i have a REALLY old triton pro that i use for HALion, omnisphere etc. i would like to step it up to a really nice, already mapped MIDI controller for Cubase, and the VI’s i use (HALion, Omnisphere, RMX, SD2 etc)

i would like one with pads for drums

probably 49 or 61 key is fine

what do you guys/gals use with Cubase? and why?


mostly i will play strings, bass, drums on it etc but would like to get into some more modern producing to


Akai MPK’s are very good. I own MPK88 and works great. They also have 49 and other versions.

Hey Thanks

I was looking at the AKAI, is it easy to set up in cubase? i only found one old tutorial on youtube on it. i think you import the cubase file and that makes it mapped to cubase?? is that correct still?

It comes with ArKaos Grand VJ software that let u set up MPK the way you wish.
Here is the link to read the pdf.
Go to FAQs, click on the question(there is one only)
Just simply put your name and email and you will be able to see it.

Remember one more think. It works with other vst instruments, plug ins too. “Learn midi” is so easy on it.

One thing you may wanna consider is getting some kind of control surface with motorized faders! In general that would be sort of expensive solution but there are however some affordable options like the PreSonus FaderPort, Frontier AlphaTrack or the famous Behringer BCF2000 - this one gives you eight (8!!!) motorized faders (for the price of $200 this really looks like a joke or a typing mistake :smiley: !) , eight endless rotary push-encoders (works in different modes when pushed down!) and a 16 illuminated, programmable buttons!!! Also has play, pause, rewind, and fast forward transport functions and different switch-modes for mixing, eq-ing and automating of effect-plugins or instruments:)!!! It maps beautifully with Cubase when used in “Makie Control” mode with no need to manually set anything in the program! It doesn’t however come in the shape of a keyboard, more like a mixing-desk! You can easily combine it with any other standart midi-keyboard with drum-pads if you wish :slight_smile:!!!
Here are some videos about BCF2000 used in Cubase:


I have a BCF 2000, and it works as abstract_iv states. I just want to add that there are on-screen displays available that emulate the display of the MCU, and allow parameter editing too. There are a couple for PC, I don’t remember the names offhand, check out the bcf2000/bdr2000 yahoo group, very active.

On mac the app I mentioned: LC Xmu and LC Xview. http://www.opuslocus.com/lcxmu/

Extraordinary value.

For Windows systems is BCFview, its free for download on the Behringer page in the BCF2000 Software section:
What it basically does is it gives a small blue screen-emulation of the Mackie controller screen which shows all names/numbers of channels/plugins and their values so you won’t get lost while switching modes, fader-groups or rotaries.
You can see it on the demo videos I’ve posted!