MIDI Controller Signal Loss!

Here’s my detailed setup:

I have 2 controllers (the casio and the m-audio above) both connected via a Powered USB Hub to my Toshiba laptop i7 4gb RAM . The laptop is hooked to the power by charger. I’m using Cubase 5 in 32-bit (I can make the switch to 64-bit if needed)

Here are my 2 major problems, since I plan on using Cubase for my live performances:

  1. Sometimes while I’m playing, I notice that there is no longer a MIDI signal being transmitted from one of the controllers, and sometimes both! Neither one disconnets more frequently, it just happens, and I can’t figure out why. I’m forced to close cubase and restart it so that the MIDI signal is read again. This is a BIG problem if I plan on going Live!
    (I don’t have this problem on my desktop workstation. The difference is: Difference controller, different soundcard, and it’s not a laptop. Could it be that Cubase is not suited for Laptops and Live performances? I really don’t want to switch DAWs)

  2. Oftentimes, I get stuck notes, and have to press the MIDI reset button. I know this can tend to happen when using a sustain pedal, but I’m not using one!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I am sure much more knowledgeable users here can provide a better answer but I know my computer reacts oddly with the powered USB hub on a few occasions, if your looking for a place to start. Try isolating the use of the USB to a singular component

Ensure your USB is not inadvertantly plugged into a USB3 socket.
Check in your Driver that it is set for always on (power settings) - this is a standard tweak similar to not letting the disk time out.
In the past I’ve had ports stop working with a given peripheral (forcing me to jockey ports) but on my new DAW I’ve got All my CMCs and other Controllers plugged into a powered hub which is in turn plugged into another powered hub. (Wasn’t sure if daisychaining USB hubs would work but I tried it and it works fine) Haven’t had a problem yet in this regard.
Also make sure that no Virus software is running or other background activities.

Thanks brihar,

I’ve already tried all of what you said except the DOUBLE powered hub thing, im only using one. Could that really be the solution? :S I hope I get more insight on this

I mentioned previously that I have all my controllers going over a daisy chained powered USB hub configuration. But now I’m not certain if the BCF2000 controller which is also my prime MIDI interface is in fact connected to one of the remote hubs or a primary hub. I’m almost certain that it’s not connected directly to a port on the PC. I’ll have to check that out.
Steve, why do need to transmit midi between computers? Also, what are you using for the interface on each?

Ok guys yesterday I tried decreasing the CPU usage of the project I was using from about 60% to like 25%, and the entire time, I did not get ONE midi signal loss!
This COULD be the issue… I heard that laptops tend to freak out with too much CPU usage. I hope this was the only issue!

Could very well be! I recall that many laptops use a slightly scaled down or reduced feature version of the CPU, to be less of a power hog.
Perhaps turning off connectivity such as internet, WIFI and Bluetooth, IR etc. might do the trick :bulb:
So what is your long term strategy? Can you afford to run live with reduced overhead or will you need to replace the Laptop?

once i make sure that this is in fact the problem (CPU usage), ill get a better laptop… although my toshiba is an i7, it shud be able to handle a lot! I don’t wana switch to Mac.

I’ll keep on testing and will let you know. I wish cubase support could answer me better though!