MIDI Controller Sliders and Knobs and Cubase LE 4 VSTi

I know I am using an old version of Cubase (LE 4), but I am trying to link the sliders and knobs on my Oxygen 49 MIDI Controller to the different sliders and knobs on my VST instruments.

Does anyone know how this can be accomplished?



Generic Remote


That brought back a memory and I was able to figure it out I think.

When I change projects, however, it seems to lose the settings for the synth. Any way to remember this for all projects?


Hmm, I am not seeing any such options. Just import/export for the actual MIDI controller addresses and such, but that doesn’t export and import my settings for the synth.

It seems the export/import may indeed save the settings for the vst instrument. I’m still testing this because it doesn’t seem to load up when the instrument isn’t loaded.

What a headache.

Why on earth are you nor reading up on controllers in the manual? Go to the help section of the program, open the manual and search for Generic Remote …

I am reading it, but it still isn’t helping with my issues of hooking it up to a vst instrument and keeping the settings.

I’m asking here because sometimes people know beneficial things that can help you out and can explain things better and in more detail than a manual…and sometimes have information manuals don’t.

But yes, I did read the manual, but it doesn’t talk much at all about connecting the device to VST instruments and how to get those settings back once you’ve set them.

No need to be an ass.

I think your Oxygen should have a snap shot or memory save button to save the various settings you have made. Then you can reload when you want.