MIDI controller stopped working

Hello everyone!

Few details:
Just installed Cubase Elements 8
Running 8dio libraries in Kontakt 5
Everything is in 64-bit

I have some experience in troubleshooting MIDI problems, but this has me stumped! I have a project that I started yesterday. My MIDI controller (VMK-188plus) was working great. Even after I had shutdown for the night and restarted it this morning, I had no problems. After writing some more, I had shut everything down and left for a few hours. Upon returning to get back to work, my controller stopped working. I’m still getting a signal in Cubase but no sound. Playback works. I don’t recall going into device settings or messing with any MIDI options. I have to get this back up and running fast! Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!



Do you have Monitor button (orange speaker) switched On, on the track?

Or any MIDI Filter? ChordPads…?

Thanks for the reply! It was the MIDI filter SysEx. I’m not sure how that happened. Everything’s working great now. Thanks again!