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Hi, is there a way to record CC knob movements from a midi controller in Cubasis 3? For example, when I do a filter sweep and use the filter frequency knob on Synthmaster 2 directly, it works fine, it records all the movements. However when I control the filter frequency knob with a midi controller, I can see the knob moving in Synthmaster 2 but it won’t record it.

I am just a Cubasis3 user like yourself.
I had to set my external Midi Keyboard Controller to transmit Midi Controller data which can then be recorded into Cubasis3. I presume you have already assigned Midi Learn numbers to the Frequency, Resonance etc that you wish to control.:thinking:
The other easy way is to manually record CC data in Cubasis3, first check the Midi Parameter number for SM2 Filter Frequency (mine is 24), then open the onscreen Midi Editor, drag it up to open it to full screen and then click the white Velocity area beneath the on screen keyboard, scroll down the left side and select cc24. Now using the pencil tool just draw in your parameters, you can easily edit the pattern you have just drawn and listen to how it sounds as you do so (when playing that section back). You can copy and paste these parameters elsewhere on that cc24 lane if need be.
Another easy way of recording the Filter Frequency movement is by using Automation by selecting the red W on the top right of SM2, then just press play and all movements will be recorded in the Automation section and can be edited, it will also be named. Remember to deselect the “W” when finished
I hope this helps.

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Hi pgvriesen,
I have another suggestion for you.
It was a sheer coincidence that last night (Thursday) I purchased an App called Ribn, this app is a Midi CC Controller and cost £3.49. It is absolutely amazing. It has 8 faders that can be assigned to any cc parameter and channel, each group of 8 faders can be saved as a preset, 3 presets are available, it will control any knob on Synthmaster 2 whilst recording the movements in Cubasis3.
I had a lot of trouble with SM2 constantly losing its Midi Learn Parameters, but KVR Audio recently added a Export/Import Midi Learn feature in the preset menu to this mighty synth. If you need to assign any cc parameters, then Ribn is a must (I am not promoting this app, I just think not enough people know about it). The developer of Ribn demonstrates and explains the features in this YouTube video
Ribn 2.0 is here! iOS MIDI controller app - YouTube.
Once again, I hope this helps.

Hi @pgvriesen,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply (due to annual holidays).

Cubasis fully supports automation, MIDI CC and external controller support.
However MIDI controller support is limited to the features of Cubasis as of yet.

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