Midi controller triggering 2different VST instruments on 2 tracks simultaneously

I have a roland keyboard and used it to come up with a simple drum track using Groove agent on track 2 in Cubase. Then on track 4 I have opened Halionsonic, and I can hear it just like I am supposed to and I can record but instead of hearing just halionsonic on track 4 I am hearing Groove agent also. I don’t have track 2 highlighted. In my mind I have opened a new track (4) and it is highlighted. I have halionsonic opened, I should not be hearing Track 2 VST. But I am sure there is a setting that I am not aware of in the back ground affecting this. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Quick important point. When I actually record I hear both the groove agent VST being triggered and the halionsonic VST being triggered, but only the halionsonic records in track 4 like it is supposed to. I guess that is good, but I still should not hear the groove agent on track 4 at all.

I would love to hear a thought or recommendation from someone. Is there any more information I can provide or clarification I can make to help get a response. Thanks.

If the Monitor Button for a Track is on then you will hear what is at the Input for that Track. So if you have 3 VSTi’s all with Monitor on then when you play your keyboard you will hear all 3.

What you hear has nothing to do with what Track(s) are selected.

thank you for your reply. I will investigate this recommendation this weekend.

Hey Guys,
I just came across this older thread with a similar issue, namely not beiing able to mute one of the VST tracks via a MIDI command while playing live in a particular song on the fly.

My live set includes playback tracks and within a song I play a live keyboard/synth part on the fly (Roland A300 Pro, Cubase 8 Elements). I would like to switch inbetween a synth bass and an arpeggiator, which are both loaded in two different VST tracks (HalionSonic). As for now, I can switch inbetween the tracks with my controller (pad), but I can’t mute the VST I don’t want to be heard at the same time!

Any thoughts on how to mute the VST via my Controller, while playing through two (or more) VST instruments throughout the song?
I believe, there is a way in activating/deactivating one VST track when moving to the next VST track
… I would greatly appreciate some help in this matter :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for all advice.

Cheers, K.