Midi Controller X TOUCH COMPACT Integration With Cubase 10.5 Pro

I have just purchased the Behringer x touch compact to integrate into my Cubase pro 10.5 As the promotional video ( Phll ) says " it works straight out of the box" hmmm!! Well in Mackie mode most things work faders, EQ etc but plugging functionality call up does not. My questions are:-
Is there a way to change the mackie code? I am i the process of writing new code in General Midi mode and not getting much success, I have the editor that came with the controller but i was just wandering if any of you had this similar issue. One other thing is there anywhere i can find an article on the Cubase midi commands.
Thanks in advance


The Mackie Control Protocol has been defined many years ago. You can’t change it, sorry.

I too have just purchased the Compact x. I have read in the manual how to go from the Mackie system to the HUI system. Evidently you can switch back and forth. When I get mine set up and working I’ll let you know how things are going.
Keep in touch.
Jack Marek (the Quiet Bear)


Hi Quiet Bear thanks for your reply, i managed to assign the select buttons to bring up the editor eq screen in mackie mode by setting it up in devices > midi manager … i can send you a screen shot if you like, but i will be very interested to see how you get on setting yours up

Hi Martin by the way i used a great bit of software to identify the X Touch keys in Mackie mode called MIDI VIEW you can then enter the CC or note # value in the X Touch editor software…hope this helps

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