midi controller zoom

Simple question:
Using Generic remote, how do I assing an endless rotary knob to zooming in and out depending on the direction I turn the knob? (clockwise zoom in counterclockwise zoom out)
I can only find zoom in and zoom out as different commands. This makes the knob zoom in regardless of what direction I turn it. Any suggestions?
(If necessary I also have a spare fader I could use, but it behaves exactly the same as a rotary knob.)

bump, anyone? :confused:

The only way it could be done from a single controller, is if there were some way to assign it (at source) to transmit a different CC# number according to direction, and then set up two separate lines in the Generic Remote. (but I don’t know if any such hardware exists :question: )

Weird, so it can’t be done?
If I’m not mistaken the Frontier Alphatrack for instance has a touchstrip which you can use for zooming in and out, how did they set that up then?

edit: it seems I’m mistaken, the touchstrip is for jog and shuttle.

Oh well, make this a feature request then, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Or if you could set up some kind of modifier button so when you pressed it it sends a different message from the continuous controller!!!

Yes that could work, there is an actual shift button on my controller although i’m not sure it affects the faders or jogwheels. Thanks for the tip though, I’ll have a look. Currently using 2 jogwheels, one for zooming in the other for zooming out. Rediculous xD

Alternatively you can set up a unique key command for zooming in / out but you need to be able to match the key command from the device. I have a shuttle pro that allows for user programable buttons with options for multiple sets of button layouts within a single program and multiple configurations between applications. You could do the same with a multi touch mouse and a usb device manager program such as usb overdrive. But that obviously doesnt solve your problem with a midi device outputting cc’s and converting those to key commands.


Thanks guys, I keep getting closer to something workable. I just realised that ctrl-scroll lets you zoom horizontally as well, so if I could get a button on my device to mimic pressing ctrl I’m set as well.
I’m trying to set things up so I don’t have to reach for my keyboard, it’s not comfortable in my current setup.

Sorry for comin’ too late, maybe…

…but it CAN be done!
At least with the BCR2000.
You can set it up that the encoders send 2 different Midi-messages on clockwise and counter clockwise turn.
Maybe you have the possibility to somehow change your controllers output likewise?

Hope this helps…

Cool, thanks for the info. I don’t think I can do this with my RDJ2 though, there’s no software with it at all so I wouldn’t know how to make this change, other than trying all knobs to see if there’s one that has a different midimessage for each direction.