Midi controller

Hi all, I am new to cubase and have just upgraded my software to cubase elements 7. I had cubase al6 before that, which came free with a Yamaha thr5 amp I bought for home practice. I will mainly be using cubase for making demos of song ideas for my band and wanted to get a midi controller for operating the included drum patterns and samples. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend one to use, I don’t want to spend too much money on one and I need it to be fairly easy to set up as I am a novice at midi.

Any advice would be great,

Cheers guys.

This topic should probably be in the “Computer / Studio Hardware & Setup” forum. But, anyway …

I picked up a KORG microKEY37 a while back. Very compact with just the bare necessities. Inexpensive, too. It seems to work very well for what I use it for - I’m not a keyboard player.