Midi Controllers not working after upgrade from Cubase 12 to Cubase 13

I have recently upgraded from C12 Pro to C13 Pro and now none of my midi controllers work. They are still working in Cubase 12 but not Cubase 13.
I have checked Studio Set Up and the MIDI Port set up and can confirm the MIDI controllers are all active and I can see a signal is being sent on the meter, but no instruments can be played. I am using a Novation Impulse 61 and Maschine MK3 in MIDI mode. Both register a signal on the meter but will not play any instruments at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Hi Martin,

Thank you and sorry I am using a Mac.

Note that when adding an instrument track, some times the midi input defaults to “None”. After you properly assign for example the “All MIDI”, this will be memorised by Cubase for the next session.

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Make sure, the permissions are set up correctly.

Can you see the MIDI Input on the Transport Panel, please? aren’t the MIDI data eaten by any Remote, MIDI Remote, Quick Control or any other device, by any chance?

Hi Martin,

I can confirm I can see the MIDI input on the transport panel meter, its registering a signal. However there is no MIDI signal when trying to play VST instruments. I have 2 MIDI controllers which both work absolutely fine using Cubase Pro 12 but not Cubase Pro 13. I believe this rules out MIDI data eaten by any Remote, MIDI Remote, Quick Control or other device as the set-up is exactly the same.
Any further help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Could you double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please? By default only SysEx option is enabled hor both Record and Thru. Could you attach the screenshot of this window, please?

Could you please also attach a screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup?

Did you get the solve this problem? I have a similar issue. Midi data is received into cubase 13 from my midi device - it’s registering on the transport bar, and if I monitor the Chanel on the midi devices set up panel ( nice new feature btw to be able to monitor from there) but it’s not triggering the midi remote functions in the remote panels.

In my case I’ve linked the midi buttons on the midi remote to key commands and macros - they all worked fine in C12 but since upgrade nothing in C13…

Still can’t get this to work - I think that I’m going to have to rebuild all my controllers!


Isn’t the MIDI Port eaten by MIDI Remote, Quick Controls or other device by any chance? Did you double-check the MIDI Filters, please?