MIDI Controllers question

I have a question for anyone suitably endowed.

I’d like to know is there any way to change the relative pitch bend of a bunch of midi cc commands simply by selecting them in the same way that you increase or decrease relative velocity.

Thanks for any responses

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “relative pitch”, but does selecting the pitchbend data then changing the visible value in the Info Line not do what you want (it increases/decreases the curve “as a block”)? That would probably mean you’d have to select positive and negative values separately, or else you’d also change the center position.
Otherwise, you could use the Logical Editor to multiply/divide pitchbend value 2 (similar reasoning… if value 2 is bigger/less than 64, so that it affects only the positive/negative).

Hi Vic

Firstly I have not yet looked at the infoline but most certainly will as I know it is a recommended method.

Second, I am not very familiar with the Logical Editor but will attempt to read up when I can.

Basically I selected a block of Pitch Bend data and tried to add or subtract an arbitrary value hoping to scale the information (smaller or larger bend) but it seems it is not supposed to work in a relative manner.

Thanks for writing

That’s why I asked about your meaning of “relative” :slight_smile:. Yes, that simply adds/subtracts an absolute value. Whereas, with the Logical Editor, you can either add/subtract (which will do the same thing as the Info Line) or multiply/divide (which results in a relative value change).
However, you have just talked yourself into needing Cubase 6! :smiley:… In Cubase 6 you just select what you want, and drag it (can be either absolute or relative). It’s my favorite new function in Cubase 6.

I think I just learned that MIDI controllers on the most part are channel specific, rather than note specific.

As always, thanks go to vic for his deep insights into all things cubase.