Midi controllers refresh without reopening Cubase

There are previous posts on the Internet about this. But I’d like to ask about it, perhaps someone has found a solution/hack.

Is there any way to refresh the MIDI Inputs list without closing and reopening Cubase 5? I have a USB MIDI keyboard, which I can’t connect via MIDI cables (but USB instead).

In Windows 7 Devices and Printers I can see the USB keyboard appear and disappear within 2 sec latency after using the keyboard’s on/off switch. So Cubase just needs to refresh the list of devices. Maybe there’s some hack to do that?

So I resolved this. This is not entirely satisfactory as it involves running an extra program just for this purpose. However, judging from a couple of tests, it seems to work fine. I certainly do hope that Cubase would soon support refreshing the MIDI device list.

  1. Get LoopBe1 virtual MIDI driver (install)
  2. Get MIDI-OX (install)
  3. Turn on your physical MIDI controller and start MIDI-OX (don’t run Cubase yet)
  4. In MIDI-OX, make the appropriate MIDI port forwarding: Options / MIDI Devices / Output is LoopBe Internal MIDI
  5. Now your preparation is ready
  6. An example of practical use: Turn off your MIDI controller. Start Cubase and some project with a softsynth. Turn on your MIDI controller. You can’t play with your controller yet. Now run MIDI-OX and it’ll forward the controller data to LoopBe and you can easily play now with the controller in Cubase (this is obvious, but: you can have All MIDI Inputs active for the MIDI inputs and LoopBe will thus be one of them).

Instead of LoopBe1, you can also use MIDI Yoke.

Nice one, I could use that too. My laptop refuses to boot with my midi interface connected, so I have to disconnect and connect it everytime. Needless to say I ofter launch cubase without it connected :frowning: