Midi controllers

Ive finally got around to mapping my NI S49 mk2 controller in Cubase. Have to say im really happy with the new midi mapping… i now have buttons for render in place, audio to sampler track, create new instrument, audio fade editors etc :nerd_face:

But now im hungry for more control! Im interested in the Presonus faderport. Just wondering if anyone else has both of these 2 and if they work together? No issues having multiple controllers at the same time?
Is there anything else worth checking out?

I use both the NI S61 Mk2 and a Faderport without issues. The Faderport is set up as a Mackie control.

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That sounds good to me. Wish id picked up a cc121 years ago. From what i read the faderport is the next best thing

Before you buy anything: Do you have an iPad? If yes, I recommend the iC Pro app!

No ipad unfortunately but i will look into whether its worth getting one. Thanks