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I play a EWI USB, and I use garritan Aria in stand-alone, but I want to use the VSTs in C6.5 also, so, how can I convert CC7 (volume) to CC2 (breath)? Am not that great with boolean logic so any help would be appreciated. :sunglasses:


Try to use MIDI Insert effect Transformer. Make a settings, which is on the screenschot, I attached. All incoming CCs 7 will change to the CC 2, with same value.

Filter Target
Type Is > Equal > Controller
Value 1 (Cubase will change it to the MIDI Controller No.) > Equal > 7 (Cubase will change it to the CC 7 Main Volume)

Action Target
Value 1 > Set to fixed value > 2 (Cubase will change it to the CC 2 Breath)
Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 9.38.26.png

Thanks Martin, :smiley: I’ll try that

That works great. But how do you add several transformations - I need to be able to add 4 or possibly 5.

Much appreciated,


Do as Martin says, save as a preset, use the preset on as many channels as you want :smiley:

I wish to transform the control channels of 4 knobs and a fader from my midi keyboard to different control channels. They are all on a single midi channel. I tried to do them on one transform and I couldn’t separate the destination knobs. Are you saying I can create five separate transform presets to do this, rather than use boolean to do all at once?



Unfortunately, Transform can make just one command at one moment. There are no and , what I miss very often.

ut you can use Input Transformer for this. Open the track inspector, and expand the pallete with the name of the track. There is line of the upper buttons in the inspector. Click on the right one (right arrow), and choose Global/Local.

• SelectGlobaltomakeInputTransformersettingsthat affect all MIDI inputs (and thereby all MIDI tracks).
• SelectLocaltomakeInputTransformersettingsforthis track only.

Operation Manual, page 450 & 451.

You will get 4 modules of Input Transformer in one window. Sou you can set up to 4 transforms. This is just for your needs.