Midi crash & feedback in Cubase 6.5

I have this problem with midi, as described here: http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=116736&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
Is there already any solution for it?

I load VSTi, say HS1, piano sound. Roland master keyboard via midi cable. No USB midi. After playing arround a bit, Cubase freezes audio buffer, looping it for a while. Then sometimes it gets out of buffer loop after few seconds, and sometimes it crashes Cubase. It happens with empty arrangement or with full arrangement. It happens while transport is running, or if it is stopped. It seems random. Basically, i play few notes, and then at some note it freezes audio buffer, apparently for no reason.

I have Win7 32bit, Q6600, 4GB Ram. 2x RME hdsp 9652, emu 1820m. Freezing happened on RME hdsp midi input, then I moved to emu MIDI input for test and it seems to work fine for now. But maybe I’m just lucky with emu for now, others seem to tave this problem with various soundcards.

And, yes, I trashed Cubase preferences, and after that Cubase still crashed after few seconds with fresh preferences.

Anybody has experience with this, and how to solve it?