Midi Crescendo | CC7 not working on Elements 8

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble creating a crescendo effect on a particular chord in a piece I’m working on (I’ve never done single-note crescendos before).

I did a bit of research online and found this thread which explains exactly how one is supposed to accomplish this and even provided some great links to video explanations. But for some reason I’m not able to replicate the success.

I went through the videos and was able to use the pencil and/or draw a line in both controllers for cc11(expression) and cc7(volume), but none of that had any effect on the crescendo I was trying to make when I replay that section of notes! I went further and on the same editor selected the Velocity controller, edited around with the pencil and those actually work, but no audible effect happens when I do the same on either the cc11 or the cc7.

Does the fact that I’m using Cubase Elements 8 (not Artist or Pro) have anything to do with this?
Does Elements have some restrictions in this area? Why would Velocity work but not Volume (CC7)?

Thank you so much for your help guys! I appreciate it!


I don’t think the reason is you are using Cubase Elements. If the MIDI Controllers are available here, you can use them.

What Virtual Instrument do you use? Is the Instrument able to receive MIDI CC7 or CC11?

I’m using a violins section from EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition. I look aroujd to see if that library has any known issues around using CC7… that would be strange, but then again, I’m not an expert! :slight_smile:

In any case, it looks like Volume automation actually works… so, I’m tempted to just go with that and use it instead. Do you think that would be pretty much the same as manipulating the volume through CC7?

Doesn’t East West use CC1? I think it sounds better, because the color of the sound changes too.