midi crescendo

how do i make a crescendo on an already recorded midi track? all i want to do is single out a single instrument in key editor in cubase 8. everywhere i look people keep saying to mess with the velocity, but that doesn’t work. all i want is to accomplish a simple crescendo. is that possible and how do I do it?.

Have you tried automating expression data? cc11 I think.

thank you for responding. unfortunately i am two days new to cubase, and i am still very new on midi recordings, i have been doing analog recordings my whole life. and I have zero idea what that means. i’m still trying to figure this program out. would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of finding the expression data section?

thank you very much.

On page 742 of the Cubase Operation Manual is a section about the Controller Display and controller lanes. You can use those lanes to control certain types of midi data in real-time. You can try entering some midi data for Control Change 11, or “CC11”, which is note expression, or CC7 which is channel volume. To create a crescendo you would draw a curve into the controller lane to simulate a rise in volume.

Thank you for your help bud, I will try and get ahold of that manual. I’m using the 30 day free trial at the moment.

NP, you can download the manual from here http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads/cubase_pro_85.html

You should have the manual.
Click Help on the top bar, then Documentation and Operation Manual

basically in key editor you use(draw with pencil tool or alt key) controller lane cc11(expression) or cc7(volume) to change volume.
those vids might help understanding cubase midi controller lanes in key editor


note expression for supported VST instruments like Halion sonic SE

man i am so lucky to be apart of this community!!. i finally got it, you guys are the best, thank you.

galarza1, how did you make it work??

I went through the videos and was able to use the pencil and/or draw a line in both controllers for cc11(expression) and cc7(volume), but none of that had any effect on the crescendo I was trying to make when I replay that section of notes! I went further and on the same editor selected the Velocity controller, edited around with the pencil and those actually work, but no audible effect happens when I do the same on either the cc11 or the cc7.

Does the fact that I’m using Cubase Elements 8 (not Artist or Pro) have anything to do with this?
Does Elements have some restrictions in this area? Why would Velocity work but not Volume (CC7)?

Thank you so much for your help guys! I appreciate it!