MIDI Ctrl For MIXER ONLY: "Channel & Track Visibility | Visibility Preset #"?

I’m mixing a series of live sessions with many tracks and 4 or 5 songs. Because of time constraints, all the songs are mixed on one live session.

It would be really cool to set mixer channel track visibility presets for each song and then use a MIDI track to trigger those visibility presets via loopback. If I could do that, I could have the mixer automatically display the appropriate channels and busses for the song I’m on based on wherever the playhead is located in my session.

This is possible right now, but “Command | Channel & Track Visibility | Track Visibility Preset 1 (etc)” within the Generic Remote window will send to the mixer AND the project window based of whichever has focus at the moment.

Anyone know of a way to target those commands JUST to the mixer window? I feel like with so many options there must be a way…

Make macros of the visibility presets like this, and then fire the macros through Generic Remote.

Project: Bring to Front
Devices: MixConsole (or 2 or 3)
Channel & Track Visibility: Visibility Configuration 1-8

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This is a good idea. However, these visibility changes are being triggered automatically from a MIDI track. Implementing this solution would cause the project window to lose focus and possibly a bunch of confounding window flashes every playback.

If you are using just one screen the screen will flash using this method, that’s true. I assumed you had two screens, I don’t know why. Sorry.

In that case, the first method that comes to mind is just duplicate your visibility configurations for the tracks in the project window so that they are the same as in the mixconsole and activate Sync Project & MixConsole. Then, it won’t matter which window is in focus anymore.

However, this is bad news if you have lots of configurations, as you’ll need to spend considerable time duplicating them by hand. If they’re not that many, and you already have your MIDI track ready, you can do this faster by skipping to each change and quickly Add a new configuration in the mixconsole. (The visibility will follow due to Sync project & mixconsole, but you still need to save the configuration over at mixconsole’s visibility configurations so that it swaps smoothly.)

Oh dear, this is so complicated to read, I can’t even make sense of what I’ve written. I wish I could make a small video.


  • Set visibility configs A B C X in the Project window.
  • Make them work there with the MIDI/Generic remote loopback. Make sure tracks are hidden/shown when the MIDI track sends the right message. (Use the regular “Visibility Configuration X” command)
  • Recreate configs A B C X in the MixConsole.
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This might help.
I created this scripting a while ago.

The issue with using the visibility settings for the mix console is that every time you add a new track you have to hide it in every other setting.

I don’t know if the scripting will do what you want, but it works for me in similar situations.

Thank you for the detailed response!

I did try this out and it does work. However, I’m very concerned with how hackey this solution is. I’m almost positive that having windows gain/lose focus automatically via midi commands like this is going to cause some serious issues somewhere along the lines. Maybe one of my import template macros, maybe when writing automation, maybe when editing parts and scrubbing back and forth over an area. I dunno. SOMETHING.

But, for now, I suppose it’ll have to do. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t think PLE works with the mixconsole, though. Only if you have Cube set to sync your project and mixconsole vis settings, and I can’t use that function for various reasons.

There’s nothing to worry about on this. You are just firing commands through MIDI. If the MIDI remote is setup ok there’s nothing to worry about. The commands go where the focus is. The focus is determined by where you are at the moment. Project window, mixer, editor? In the beginning, when the visibility configurations where present only in the Project OR the Console, even if you had Sync enabled, only the one place listened for the command. Because the visibility configuration is native to the window you created it in. So when you gave the command from the other place it did nothing, because it had an empty list of configs and went “uh boss, I don’t know what to do.”

When you have Config A in project window and give the command with sync enabled, console will follow. But if you give the command in the console instead nothing happens because the config does not exist in the list. So we just “copy” it there too, so that it won’t matter from where you fire the command. The config will always be there, in the same position, either project or mixconsole.

I’d be more concerned with the loopback of the MIDI track itself, but that’s because I havent’ used this extensively. I just set it up to confirm that it’s working before posting here.

Good to see it’s working for you! :+1:t3: