Midi cuts in and out


I’ve recently upgraded from Cubase LE 4 to Cubase Artist 6. I had finally got the LE to work without any glitches but now 6 is posing new problems. I am running a relatively powerful computer 8 gigs of DDR3 ram, i7 processor, windows 7 64-bit. My problem is when I record instrument tracks, Cubase lays down the information fine, but when I go to play it back, it randomly cuts in and out of the midi. all audio tracks are fine, the the audio keeps playing in time, but the midi cuts out, then cuts back in half a second later in time with the audio… or sometimes it gets jumbled up, but then returns to being in time with the audio.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Please go in Cubase to Devices → Device setup → select here MIDI port seup and check “use system timestamp”.



Thanks for the reply,

I have already done this and its seemed to help a little, but the problem is not really that the midi it out of time, but that it randomly cuts out for half a second. It doesn’t happen consistently (anywhere from a couple minutes to seconds apart) but it is enough to mess up anyone recording tracks into the project. Could this have anything to do with the fact that I also have Cubase LE4 Installed on my C drive? Cubase Artist 6 is installed in the program files and Cubase LE 4 is installed in Program x86 files

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated