MIDI cycle record 'Stacked' mode - how to ignore a pass that has no note input

I was on PC, and it worked in such a way that if I did not play any midi notes, the cycle recording pass would be ignored.

Now I’m on Mac, and it’s creating a new empty midi event with each pass when I don’t input any notes.

I didn’t copy my Cubase settings across, so am wondering if there’s a setting that describes the above situation and can be toggled on/off?

Ok I figured out why it’s happening but can’t figure out the why of the why.

When I use my midi remote to stop the recording, empty midi event will be created; whereas when I use my keyboard spacebar, empty midi event will not be created. The command in both cases is StartStop (Transport).

Who knows why? Bug?

Make sure your remote is not included in ALL MIDI. In studio setup.

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Interesting… Thank you

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