MIDI cycle recording problem (hopefully easily fixable)

Lately I have encountered a phenomenon with C7 and 7.5: I record the MIDI track, stop, back up a little bit, punch in and continue recording, stop, back up a little bit, punch in again and continue recording … if that third piece has a mistake, I stop and hit DEL - only to discover that the first part I recorded gets erased along with it. All that remains is the second snippet I recorded.

Previous versions from C6 back didn’t have this problem. Although I have experimented with the MIDI Cycle Recording settings, I have yet to find a solution.

I’m sure that there is a setting I have overlooked - I cannot believe that Steinberg would engineer such a glitch into what is otherwise the finest software I have been privileged to use. So once again I throw the floor open to the Cubase Army for suggestions that might fix this annoying problem. Thanks!

A few more details, please…
You are in Cycle Record?
Which MIDI Record and MIDI Cycle Record modes are you using? (or is this happening whichever Cycle mode you use?)
Are you stopping recording each time, before reaching the end of a cycle?
What happens if you don’t delete your 3rd recording, but do a fourth, and try deleting that one?
Although, reading this, it does seem strange. I would try rebuilding Cubase Preferences (The installation of Cubase 7.5 probably copied your Preferences over from 7.0 anyways, so you might as well start your troubleshooting in C7 :wink: )

I’ll check that out. If there is a downside to upgrades, it’s trying to figure out whether any of the Preferences have changed. Bulletins as they happen. Thanks!