MIDI data error

I have not MIDI out port in c6.I have simple MIDI IN/OUT connection on my Presonus 1818VSL,but When I turn on
card and computer I have Message MIDI data error on my Yam S90.It´s not matter of interface,its a new one and I noticed it on old one.Does anyone knows what can be wrong.No MIDI out activity is shown in cubase.I checked the cables and they are new.

I get similar error with my Roland TD-5 connected to my PC via Midisport 4x4 every time I switch on my PC before switching on TD-5. Nothing to be worried about. Just switch on (or reset) your S90 after computer has been booted up.

I did it.I have MIDI out signal now(green meter).What I did is that I played and recorded pure MIDI through my synth with no audio inputs connected to interface.And it worked!Later when I added audio inputs everything was there on place.Thanks for reply anyway.