Midi Data Gone (1.1.42, 1.1.41)

I have a few setlists built that are mostly Midi. These were primarily generated from Cubase project exports imported to VSTlive. It takes quite a bit of tweaking, instrument setting and Mixing to get them usable. With each new version all the Midi data is gone and the whole setlist needs to be re-done.

… can you please tell us what you have to tweak to get it right?

… I dont understand that. You have exported your Cubase project to VST Live 1.1.41. You have tweaked the settings in VL to get it right. It works now. Some days later you update to 1.1.42, you load your project and what is lost?

Thank you.

I took a deep look at this and found out what is happening here.

I try real hard to keep things organized. I “Use default location” set to D:/VSTLive/projects. The only midi files in that tree were 1 level up in D:/VSTLive. Copying that into the projects folder resolved the missing MIDI in the Setlists. Let me do some testing today to determine the behavior I am seeing.

It would be nice to have decent file names on these assets.

Note we made a change in version 1.1.42. Does it still happen with that version?
Also we expect you to save your VST Live project to the folder that you exported a media project from Cubase after import. That may not be ideal, we investigate, but for now you are advised to do so.