Midi Data Not Being Recorded

I’ve updated to the latest version Yesterday and now Cubase will not record my midi data. Everything is fine when the the record button is not on, I can hear, play the trigger notes from Chord Pads, but once I hit the record button, nothing gets recorded, no midi data input at all and at times it’s playing on its own which is weird. Anyone else having that issue?

Hi and welcome,

Open Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure MIDI Notes are not filtered out.

I appreciate you’re trying to help me, but wish I can get to the preference panel. I’ve downloaded 9.5 and now I’m getting a stupid eLicenser control message for time limit and when I try to click ok, it’s just spinning and cannot do anything else within the software exceptionalism to force quit the program. All of my licenses are registered and activated. I’ve been trying to get acquainted with this software for damn near a year and a half and I give up overtime I’ve tried because it’s always some issues with it. I own Ableton, Logic, Maschine, Studio One & none have caused me that much frustration, why is that there’s always something wrong with this one…I’m not a professional, but if that’s the only one causing all of these issues, I highly doubt that’s it’s me. For Christ’s sake…

Try to start eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance, please.